Get more value from your tools with Slack integrations

Slack makes all your tools work better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and custom apps right into Slack.

Connect your tools, connect your teams

Slack channels are the place for work. Bring your tools to your team, save time and avoid context-switching.

Unified and secure

Apps keep work and information right at your fingertips, and Slack keeps it all securely working together.

No additional costs

Connect the tools that you already use to get more from them every time that you work with them in Slack.

Works on the move

You can work with apps in channels, where they’re a seamless part of the conversation, across all your devices.

Productivity for all

Save time by streamlining daily tasks in Slack. Your entire team can join video calls, manage calendars and collaborate on files without switching context.

Browse productivity apps

Tools of every type

Your department’s critical apps always have a place in Slack. Connect specialised tools to increase their use and adoption so that teams can quickly take action.

Discover departmental tools

Customise Slack to work for you

Slack is designed to work with your internally built solutions and processes. In fact, every week people use over 650,000 customised apps. You too can create your own solutions, with or without code.

All the apps that you need, from Atlassian to Zoom

With over 2,600 apps available in the Slack App Directory, your team’s top tools are just a click away.

Explore the Slack App Directory

Jira Cloud
Outlook Calendar
Google Drive
Now Virtual Agent
OneDrive and SharePoint
Slack for Gmail
Confluence Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud
GitHub Enterprise Server
Microsoft Teams Calls
Webex Meetings
Jira Cloud
Outlook Calendar
Google Drive
Now Virtual Agent
OneDrive and SharePoint
Slack for Gmail

Frequently asked questions

Apps connect tools and services with Slack so that you can use them without leaving your workspace. Apps make it easy to quickly find, share and act on information across your tech stack by creating one central place to stay focused and get work done. You can learn more in ‘Five ways to use apps and workflows in Slack’.

Choose from over 2,600 apps in the Slack App Directory to support whatever work you do. If you use custom tools or follow processes specific to your company, you can also explore the Workflow Builder to create your own workflows, or build a custom app using the Slack API.

To install an app, first find it in the Slack App Directory. From an app’s page, click on the Add to Slack button. Then follow the prompts to install the app or connect your account. You'll see the option to connect your account after clicking on Add to Slack if an app has already been installed in your workspace. You can also find and install apps from your workspace. Click on Apps in your left sidebar and explore the directory from there.
For more information on managing apps smartly and securely, take a look at ‘An admin’s guide to app management’.

You can add up to ten apps to workspaces on the free version of Slack. If you’re on one of Slack’s paid subscriptions, you can install as many apps as you like – there’s no limit! Bear in mind that some app services require payment or for you to have a subscription to use their product before you can use it in Slack.

To explore Slack’s free and paid subscriptions, take a look at our pricing page.

Use the Slack API to build an app that connects the tools and data sources that your organisation needs to run smoothly. For all the resources that you’ll need to get started and build your app, visit Slack API. And if you’re interested in learning from other developers, designers and product managers building on our platform, consider joining a Slack platform community group.
Easily automate routine actions and communication by using Workflow Builder to create your own customised workflows.

To access workflow builder, head to the main menu in Slack (by clicking on your workspace name at the top left) and navigate to Tools > Workflow Builder. From there, you can create a customised workflow or choose from available pre-built templates. For help with creating your own workflow, take a look at our step-by-step guide.

Note: Workflow Builder is only available on Slack’s paid subscriptions.
Slack partners contribute a broad range of tools, services and solutions that help companies to deploy Slack across organisations, ensuring that teams get the most out of Slack. Contact us to become a technology partner, or visit our Partners page to learn more.